Synaptics releases multi touch support for linux users

The most helpful mac function is the touch pad with its wonderful gesture function like the four finger swipe and 2 finger scroll…

i find myself sitting on my windows laptop trying to 2 finger scroll and  getting frustrated cause its not working…

then wanting to slap myself when i realize that i’m not using my mac.

The linux foundation held a 2 day summit and announced the latest success stats concerning linux and its solid foundation as a market leader in operating systems. Some new features were also announced like the release of synaptics support for multi finger

gestures on linux and google chrome based operating systems..

Yes, now we too can incorporate cool moves like Pinchzoom, Twist rotate and 2 finger scrolling.

The above listed gestures and many more will be available for the following distro’s:



Fedora and a couple more… hopefully other distro’s will be supported in a short while.

Frankly i’m happy that my two favorite distro’s are (Suse and Ubuntu) already listed as supported.

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