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Wordpress Plugin Development

So you need your WordPress website to do something and you just can't find a suitable plugin? Talk to us and we can build it for you.

Wordpress Theme Development

Whether you need a custom theme built or your current theme altered, we've done it and can easily do it for you.

General WordPress Thingy's

Full website restorations, WordPress Installs and WordPress theme or plugin Installs. These things are simple but can go wrong if done incorrectly.

CUSTOM Development

We also develop systems that serve a niche function. You need something special?
I'm positive we can build it for you.

CodeIgniter Specialists

Codeigniter is a powerful lightweight PHP framework that can be used to build full featured web applications.


We don't only specialize in WordPress, we can also build your idea or design directly to template for use as is or in another CMS.

About Design2Code

With years of front end and back end development experience I offer what I do best to those who cannot and that’s code (I can’t design to save my life though). If your a designer looking to have your designs developed professionally or a business needing a design developed in a hurry. We will turn any design file or idea into validated cross browser compatible code for use as a static or CMS template.

Along with the above listed services we also do the usual tom, dick and harry stuff like website design, E-commerce websites and intranets. Please feel free to use the form below to contact us for a development quote.

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