Point of Sale to Woocommerce Plugin

POS to Woocommerce

Two way Seamless management of your inventory via one plugin

Why you need this Plugin

Running a brick and Mortar store is hard enough and having to update your website with new stock, pricing and products every time there is a change makes it harder. It requires the possible assignment of an entire new resource which can be time consuming and costly.

This plugin eliminates that requirement by automatically synchronizing your in-store Point of Sale and your website both ways. If a product is added, sold or updated in any way on your point of sale the website will be automatically updated within minutes.

With years of custom WordPress and Woocommerce development experience, Design2Code and Web2go now offer a pre-built solution that can be implemented onto an existing Woocommerce store or built into a new Woocommerce based website.

Due to the fact that not all point of sale systems are the same, the plugin is limited by your point of sale’s capabilities.

Features and Benefits

Products ImportER

The products on your point of sale can automatically be imported directly into the website with images. Hours of work eliminated with the click of a button.

Price changes

Updating a products price will within minutes be updated on the website. No need for that manual task. No more incorrect price blunders.

Category Import and Assignment

You have the ability to manage the website's product categories via the point of sale thus eliminating another step. Once the plugin is installed all categories will be created and products will be assigned.

Stock Updates

If a purchase is made in store or on the website the stock quantity is automatically updated. Also if you receive more stock in store and update your point of sale, the site will automatically be updated.


With the ability of having multiple prices per product, you can specify an original and a special price. If the special price is specified then that price will be used as the discounted price for the product on the website.


We can have you up and running within 2 hours with all of your products imported and synced to your website.

Website Order to POS

When an order is placed on your website, it is synced with your POS. Your POS can then generate the invoice if needed.

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