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How to get the Expresion Engine CP to log new entries, the editing of entries and deletion of entries.


In this tut you will be modifying your EE Api_channel_entries.php file so remember to make a backup. A complete modified Api_channel_entries.php file for this tut can be downloaded here.

By default the expression engine control panel logs certain actions like Channel creation, Channel deletion and the Logging in and Logging out of users to the control panel. The problem is that it does not by default log any entry actions like creating new entries, editing an entry or deleting entries. This is quite surprising to me as it is important to track these kind of actions. Then at least you will know who to blame for deleting that all important page.
Please note that this tutorial is for Expression Engine 2 and has only been tested on Version 2.2.0.

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Embed font family using CSS3 – cross browser compatible

categories:CSS3, Development

Sometimes you’ll come across that client that insists on having that non internet friendly font used on their website. Luckily by using CSS3 you can now embed the font required.

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Jquery code to empty form field on focus and populate form field on blur with field label

categories:Development, Jquery

The below code clears the fields value on focus and populates the field with the fields title on blur. Thus if the field content is “First Name” and you click in the field the field will clear and if the field is clear and you click away from the field the content of the field will return to “First Name”. Try the form field field below for an example.

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